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Legaci - "Make Sweet Love" Music Video

Legaci: Micah Tolentino, Jason Atencion, Mathew Arcilla
Models: Cherylne J. Grepo, Lizanina Agustin, Janice Lozada

Produced, Directed, & Edited by: Nelson Nunez
Assistant Directors: Micah Tolentino & Chistopher Ngo
Production Assistance: Claire Ejanda, Justin Fernandez, Tracy Flancia
Music Composed by: Peter De Leon
Lighting, Sound, Props by: Vic Cobar, Ricky Afuang, & Ron Sadino

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SHOUTS from Director Nelson "Frankie" Nunez

First, thanks to GOD for making it all possible.

A direct thanks from Producer/Director Nelson Nunez:
Before I get into the details, I would just like to thank everybody for their support and patience through the duration of this music video production. Some of the video shoots were unexpectedly and even unbearably long, but I want you to know that your endurance, patience, and matureness were key in making this production shine.

To Legaci:
Thanks for coming to me to produce your first music video; i've felt truly blessed and honored to have created it. That week of shooting was the most fun i've EVER had... and i will always carry our new motto for the rest of my life, "When push comes to strafe, FORCE IT!"

To Micah:
Man…. MAN!!! We've done it… how many people can actually say they remember talking about a dream in high school and it coming true!? I'll always remember the great times we've had at Hogan High (c/o '98 Baby!!!), especially whenever we'd talk about our dreams in entertainment. I respect your drive, admire your talent, and value your friendship. May the STRAFE forever be with you!

To Peter De Leon of Immixture Records: Of course, what is a music video without the music? It was your talents that created piece of work that set the pace of editing for the entire video. Thanks man... it's been an honor for me that you've been a part of this dream production. But
remember, this is ONLY THE BEGINNING...

To the three lovely models: Cher, Lizette, and Janice:
Thank you especially for your patience in all shooting of the locations, as they all took more time than expected.
Cher, thanks for the time you put in especially when traveling from San Jose to the many shooting locations of the video; the "Lady in Red" mesmerizes us all...
Lizette, thanks for your patience and willingness to make your scene definitely the most eye-catching and memorable; "Hot Wax Forever!"
Janice, thanks for the sacrifices you made for us; you practically saved the video when we called you last minute. And your ability to endure the cold wind and transform into a warm, heavenly woman on the word "action" has amazed us all.
We are truly honored to have had the three of you in Legaci's very first music video.

To the EXTRAS:
Thanks to those who endured the "Make Sweet Love" Marathon... a slow dance to the same song for 4 hours... A shoot that was supposed to finish in 2 but setup was much harder than perceived... madd props for your patience and endurance: Joel Tatum, Sheera Faris, Justin Fernandez, Rebecca Wong, Kathleen Ternate, Jeel-Marie Plenos, Gerald "Brock" Dabi, Louie Ejanda, Crystal Zapanta, Victor Cobar

To Claire Ejanda:
Thank you for your creative input for the music video... your ideas are always clever and unique, whether it be for dancing, costumes, props, or movies. And one day it will happen: we must choreograph a Jazz routine together! With Micah too! Yay!!!

To Chris Ngo:
Hey Cuzz... thanks for your input and telling me "how it is;" for being REAL with me and letting me know what it takes to make this video the best it can be.

To Lyle El Gal:
Man o man! Look at how far we've come! It was YOUR kung fu movie with your friends that first sparked that flame inside me to create videos... i couldn't have gotten to where i am today without first learning the "Camcorder to VCR" edit... damn.. that's old school! Thanks "Hershey!"

To my Daddy:
More important than just the equipment we used for the video, thanks for your loving support throughout this project and all the projects i've had in my life... you've always been there to show me the way everytime i'd get off track and pushed me to always be "ahead of the game" and never forgetting "to pray"

To my Mommy:
Even though you're miles away, your love and encouragement for me to be the best I can be makes me who I am today... Thank you for supporting me my dreams.

To my brother Simon & sister-in-law Queenie:
Hey Diko & Che! Thanks for not only giving me a place to stay as i pursue my dreams but also being there and supporting me in all of my projects... and guess who's music video is next! (and still gotta edit that wedding too!). Also, thanks for providing a place to stay for Legaci & Crew and for putting up with Micah unleashing a monster stankin' HERSH...

To my brother Jason:
Hey Kuy! Man, even though I still only see you once or twice a year, you have made a huge influence on my personality! Your ability to be a commanding officer in the military yet still come home and be the same old funny, crazy, and daring Kuya "J" is something very few can do, if anyone else. Our prayers are with you and all of the U.S. Military as you continue to defend this beautiful country.

To The Banquet at CMC:
Thank you for use of your dance hall and to the workers who were patient to stay late night for the whole duration of the video shoot.

To Balloons Plus:
Thank you Tito Veeday & Tita Flor for the exquisite balloon decorations. Hmmm…. How would you like a Balloons Plus COMMERCIAL, eh?!

To Chris Ibarguen:
What's a music video without the MAN to build the computer to edit it! Thanks for your help in the creation of COMP6, my "monster" computer specially designed for video production... RPB baby! From Monte Vista to the WORLD!

To Louise:
Thanks for the use of your beautiful boat.. you didn't even trip that much when Micah's
heavy ass fell on the canopy.. thanks man.. up next, we all skydive in the next video!

To Alymar:
Thanks for use of your classy studio.. see, told you we wouldn't burn the place down with all those candles!

To Vic Cobar:
Thanks to my right-hand man, the All-In-Wonder Boy, dedicated to help out on every shoot as: light diffuser, sound man, candle boy, right-hand generator transporter, Rose
Pedal Boy, Match Man

To Ricky Afuang:
Thanks to my little cousin, that jerk, as light diffuser #2, reflector boy, water boy.. and thanks for getting your brand new shoes soaked so we can get proper lighting for the beach shot.. and no,
you're not getting any new shoes from us. :

To Justin "Infinity" Fernandez:
Thanks to my boy Justin, Mr. Food Caterer, chick magnet, model searcher
"What are you talking about Justin?!"

To Tracy Flancia: Thanks to my cousin Fly Girl Cee, the one who most appreciates and loves my "Dirty Director's Look," as Miss Food Caterer and balloon decorator. We'll see who gets the last laugh when Jedi Fitness sets in…

To Ron: Thanks to the San Ho, Ron, light diffuser #3, rose pedal boy #2

To Micah's Mom:
Thanks you for letting us use your candle props for the video shoot

To the real-life girlfriends of each member of Legaci (Claire, Marissa, Jenny):
Thanks for being mature and patient with the video shoot. And thanks especially for being understanding concerning the romantic scenes with each of the models. We're not big record label stars yet, but it is understandable how the "business" of an entertainer can sometimes conflict with personal relationships.

To the Honda Generator ( >: \ ) :
Thank you Honda for generating painful blisters and 250 lbs of Hell to carry down to Ocean
Beach which was only used for the BoomBox and put Vic's life at stake with all the extension cords and power surges wrapped around him like he wanted to take his last breath on this mission... but of course we wouldn't let that happen... and for actually working at the Legion of Doom for the "concert" shot...

To Dan Villalva, my internship supervisor at the Community Media Center of Santa Rosa:
Thank you for your guidance throughout the years of my internship at CMC, especially for sharing with me your personal knowledge and wisdom of your experience in the entertainment field. Just remember, whenever you need crew for a movie shoot, I'll be there to help!

To Jim Helmer, my Television Production teacher at the Santa Rosa Junior College:
Can you imagine how far I've come? From Nelson Knight to Legaci! It was your class that first introduced me to the whole new world behind the camera, the world I've fallen in love with. And it was that first big video project I created for your class, Nelson Knight, that pushed me forward to create more and more and never stop. Thank you for your teachings, support, and guidance through all of my movie endeavors.

May the struggle commence to
"8123815 743 177070"