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....Legaci was created back in 1997. Michael L. Viernes CEO president of Pointblank Entertainment saw the potential that these young gentlemen had. These few guys that loved to sing didn't have a group name yet so Mike thought of the name Legaci. Pointblank entertainment helped Legaci excel to new heights by having them featured on the 94.9 doghouse, got them slots on various television productions, and helped create the chemistry Legaci has today. In August 1999, Michael L. Viernes past away and Legaci vowed that they would keep on striving and continue the Dream that they started. Through the many trials, Legaci still stands strong and is ready to show the world that Filipinos are very talented. They have since been sharing their talents in front of large crowds and fans.
In June 1999 they won first place at Fiesta Filipina's Himig na kabataan singing their original song Make Sweet Love. Later on that year they performed for Pinnacle Asian Spokes model and Talent Show at the Palace of Fine Arts. At the start of the year 2000, Legaci started working on projects in the studio. In June of 2000, Legaci won a talent contest to perform with many successful acts in the music industy such as 3LW, Dream, LFO, and Smashmouth. The following month they made a music video produced by Nelson "Frankie" Nunez from D.E Filmworks. In March 2002, their music video won first place in VideoMaker Magazine's national contest for the category of Best Music Video.